Cat and Grackle
Acrylic on Board  32x20  $700
Teatime on Titanic
Oil on Canvas  12x16  $275
Lion Tamer
36x36  Acrylic on Canvas  $1200
Poppy Field France
Acrylic/Canvas  9x12  $200
The White Dress
Oil/Canvas  36x24  $600
Boy Architect
Oil/Canvas  30x24   $700
Tea in the Garden
Acrylic/Canvas  28x34   $650
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Study for Swine of the Hills
Acrylic/Canvas   14x18    $175
Available Work
Chimney Sweep
Oil on canvas 14x18   $475
Texas Windmill
16x12  Acrylic  $350
Boy Reading
Oil on Canvas  14x11  $350
Mother's Library
25x18  oil   $$600
Three Pears
Oil  16x20  $600
Oil  12x9 $300
Girl with Remarkable Hair
Acrylic  11x14  $300
Lyuba Titovets
Oil  18x24  $600
Frog on Pink
Acrylic  14x11  $250
Owl and Pussycat
Oil  36x48  $1800
Peacock    Acrylic on Canvas
36"X30"    $700