Available Work 3
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Eyes Shut
Acrylic/Canvas  20x16  $350
Eyes Open
Acrylic/Canvas  20x16   $350
Miami Beach 2019
Acrylic on Canvas  16x20  $300
Miami Clouds
Acrylic on Canvas  16x20   $300
Pear with Long Shadow
Acrylic on Canvas  9x12  $250
Oil/Canvas  12x9   $300
Swine of the Hills
48x24  Acrylic  $900
Grackles and Umbrellas
40x20  Oil  $600
Miss Fisher in Scarlet
Oil 12x9 $175
Hare and Tortoise
Acrylic 22x28  $500
Piglet in Grass
Acrylic 18x24 $300
Teapot and Rose
Oil/Canvas    24x24   $400
Candice Smiling
10x8  oil  $250
Jake  with Croquet Mallet
Acrylic/Board   32x20   $600
Piglet in Grass
Acrylic/Canvas  18x24  $300
Sculpture Garden at the Met
Oil  16x12   $300
Tuscan Cypresses
Acrylic  16x12  $275
Paddington at the Seaside
Acrylic 28x22  just sold
Acrylic  14x11  $300
Xiang in Profile
Oil 14x11  $275
Oil 12x9  $175
Acrylic 14x11  $275