Available Work 2
Study of Swine
14x18  Acrylic  $175
The Tortoise and the Hare
30x30  Acrylic   $700
Frida 1
20x16  Oil  $350
Swine of the Hills
48x24  Acrylic  $900
Frida 2
20x16  Oil  $350
Teatime on Titanic
Oil  12x16  $275
Asian Lilies
Oil   24x36  $950
Grackles and Umbrellas
40x20  Oil  $600
Miss Fisher in Profile
30x24  Acrylic   $600
Looking Skywards;  Laguna Gloria
Acrylic  12x9  sold
Grackle and Crow
Oil  16x12   $1200
Sasha and Pastry
Oil  16x12  Sold
Abstract Deer
Acrylic  36x48  $1100
Grackle on Gold XVI
Acrylic   8x10  $125
Tea in My Garden
Acrylic   28x34  $800
Garden in Madrid
24x36  Acrylic  $700
Miss Fisher in Scarlet
Oil 12x9 $175
Oil 12x9 $160
Garden Chairs
Acrylic 22x30 sold
Cat Watching Birds
Oil 16x12 $225
Oil 16x20 $300
Grackle on Gold XV
Acrylic 12x9 $135
Tea Room Blend
Acyrlic 20x16 $450
Hare and Tortoise
Acrylic 22x28  $600
Cat and Grackle:  Yellow Bedroom
Acrylic/Board 30x20  $700
Piglet in Grass
Acrylic 18x24 $300
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