Portrait Procedures/Fees

The fee list below gives an approximate idea of the cost.  There are many variables,
such as size, complexity and number of figures.  For example, adding a dog to a
portrait can be fairly simple; adding three children would be both difficult and
time-consuming.  The prices do not include tax, shipping or framing. One third of the
fee is collected in advance, the rest paid upon satisfactory delivery to the client.

Head and Shoulders-   16"X20"                                              $900

Three Quarter Length - 36"X24"                                             $2200
Full Figure-                    60"X36"                                             $2800

Multiple Figures             66"X48"                                             $3000-$6000   

Typically I meet with a client for about an hour and a half to take many photos and
discuss whether a formal or informal feeling is wanted, or what sort of background,
the client's home, for example.  We then look through the photos together and take
more of the pose we like best.  

Often I do a small painted sketch to discuss with the client, and then send email
attachments of the painting in progress.  Towards the end, we meet a couple of
times to discuss final alterations, before delivery.