Oil/Canvas    sold
Sisters in Chinese Costume
Oil/Canvas   Sold  14"x11"
Jean-Pierre     "12x9"
Oil/Canvas     $600
Susan Bailey Portrait
oil/canvas   16x20
Helen Oil/Canvas
12x9  $275
Portrait of Amy Willis
Oil/Canvas  9"X12"  $250
Self-Portrait in Top Hat
Oil/Canvas  20"X16" Sold
Self Portrait  Acrylic 20"X16  
Chase Perry Painting
Oil   Sold  16"X20"
Virginia Wade  (detail)
Oil/Canvas 24"X18"  Sold
El Diestro  (Dr. Emilio Romero)
62"x30   Oil/Canvas  Sold
Dowin In a Straw Hat
Oil/Canvas 18"x18"  sold
Curly-Haired Lad oil 12x12 Sold
Lady in Straw Hat  Oil on Canvas
12"X12"   $300
Artist Phillip Wade
Adam and Blake
Reading  Acrylic/Canvas   
Jake  16"x 20"  Oil on Canvas  $700
Miss Sarah Jane Coleman  
Oil/Canvas  Sold
Linda and Forrest  Oil 18"x24" sold
Bobby     Acrylic/Board
10"x8"  Sold
Blue Boy (Adam)   Oil/Canvas  Sold
Dax Playing Violin    Oil/Board  Sold
Girl in Blue Robe 10"x8"
Oil on Canvas $350
Victoria oil/canvas 12"x9" $400
Field Commission  oil/canvas
Claire  Oil/Canvas  Sold
Young Man with Red Tie
Oil/Canvas    Sold
Zack in Profile
Oil/Canvas  $300
Oil/Canvas 24x24 Sold
Boy with Two Dogs  oil/canvas