Paintings                Page1
Balloons   Acrylic/Canvas   sold
Rowing With German Shepherds
Acrylic/anvas     Sold
Handstand   Acrylic/Canvas
12"X9"  Sold
Croquet On the Beach  Acrylic/Canvas
12"X12"   Sold
The Wreck of the Cadiz   40"X30"
Acrylic///Canvas   Sold
Search for Big Bend  Acrylic/Canvas
30"X44"  sold
Visit From Hedwig  Oil/Board  Sold
Cat Food Pyramid  
Oil/Canvas 30"x24"
Oil/Canvas   sold
Rabbit In Hat  Oil  Sold
Morris Rabbits  Oil  Sold
Tarot Reading  Acrylic/Canvas
Collection Tyler Museum of Art
The Lion and the Unicorn  Acrylic/Canvas
Collection:  Diane Ladd
Cowgirls  Acrylic/Canvas  48"X72"
Collecion John and Jennifer Bird
Doubles  Acrylic/Canvas  Sold
Freud and the Dalmation Woman
Collection: Camille Cook
Rescue of the Canines
Acrylic/Canvas  Sold
Discord  Acylric/Canvs  Sold
The Unexpected Visitor
Acrylic/Canvas   $1400
Ode to Oxford  Oil/Canvas  Sold
The Golden Apple  Acyrlic/Canvas
Collection:  Molly Dinkins/Dick DeJong
The Owl and the Pussycat
Acrylic/Canvas   sold   36"X48"
Bear Beware Bear
Acrylic on Board 12"x12"  Sold
Rabbit in a Hat    Acrylic
on Canvas 40"x20"  sold
The Mad Hatter  oil/canvas
60"x48" (The current owner is
interested in reselling for $2200)
Youth Crime Spree  Acrylic/Canvas
36"x48"   Sold
Cat on the Toy Basket
Acrylic/Canvas   sold
Boy Reading with Mermaid  sold
the Cat and the Fiddle
Acrylic on Board   32x20   sold