New Paintings by Phillip Wade

Seton Cove, 3708 Crawford St.
Opening Reception Nov 15 530-7  free
Parking just north on W. 38th St.
Phone  512 451 0272 to check open
hours at other times.
The Grackle and the Deer
Acrylic/Canvas  24x18  $900
Grackle on Gold 2
Acrylic/Canvas 16x12  sold
Grackle on Gold 3
Acrylic/Canvas 10x8  sold
lEl Rey Sentado
Oil/Canvas 24x18 $900
Cat Magnified
Oil/Canvas  20x20  sold
The Tortoise and the Hare
Acrylic/Canvas  30x24  Sold
Abstract Deer 2
Acrylic/Canvas  36x48   $1100
Abstract Deer
Acrylic/Canvas 36x48  $1100
Grackles And Umbrellas
Oil/Canvas  40x20  $600
The Cat and the Fiddle
Acrylic/Board  32x20  Sold
Musn't Be Late
Acrylic/Canvas  12x9  sold
Swine of the Hills
Acrylic/Canvas 48x24  $900
El Rey
Acrylic/Board  12x12  sold
Quoth the Grackle:  Nevermore!
Oil/Canvas  24x12   $500
The Grackle and the Crow
Oil/Canvas  28x52   $1200
Oil/Canvas  16x12  $250
My Cat Monet
Oil/Canvas  16x12  sold
Grackle on Gold
14Acrylic/Canvas  14x14   $175
Acrylic/Canvas  20x16  $500
Garden in Madrid
Acrylic/Canvas  24x36  $700